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Thu Jun 16 22:36:23 CEST 2005

Reinhard Kotucha schrieb:

>>>>>> "Lars" == Lars Hellström <lars.hellstrom at residenset.net> writes:
> [Adobe Helvetica and URW clone]
> the metrics are the same.  The glyphs may look a bit different but you
> need some tools to see the difference.

I can see a difference for Helvetica on screen in AR7 under Windows. The
original looks a bit clearer (without zooming) and I think the file size
gets smaller.

> The URW Palatino is probably
> not a clone.  Hermann Zapf made Palatinos for URW and Bitstream, but
> Monotype has the rights on the name "Palatino" so he had to use other
> names.

Ahh, thanks.

> The pdf file has the URW fonts embedded.  For PS output it's better to
> omit the line "prologues:=1;" from the .mp file.  Then metapost will
> produce output for dvips and the fonts are included by dvips (if dvips
> is configured to embed the LW35 fonts).

I included that line intentionally, because I can view the original eps
file in GSview, too. Of course, the developers are free to change that.

>   >> (iv) File sizes of eps and pdf file more than doubled.
> ...and the quality has been more than doubled as well.

Thanks. I never saw such arrows in a TeX related document before.

Stephan Hennig

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