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Ralf Stubner ralf.stubner at web.de
Thu Jun 16 23:18:18 CEST 2005

Stephan Hennig wrote:
> With boxed.mp the file size of the postscript output halved. Though, the
> pdf output generated by mptopdf is still ca. 20kB large as opposed to
> 5kB of the original. (However, when I convert the eps with epstopdf it's
> file size drops down to 6kB. I'm now wondering what's the difference
> between both tools.)

mptopdf probably uses pdftex, whereas epstopdf uses GhostScript. pdftex
embeds the fonts in Type1 format, whereas GhostScript uses the
significantly smaller Type1C/CFF format. The difference is noticable
especially in short documents. It might be that gs compresses other
things more efficiently, too.

> [1] Which leads me to the question: how do I set up my environment to
> use Adobe's original fonts in LaTeX, pdfLaTeX and MetaPost? Currently, I
> only managed to use Adobe Times, Helvetica and Courier from AR3 in
> pdfLaTeX by adding the lines

updmap.cfg on teTeX has the follwoing switch, with which you can choose
which set of PostScript fonts to use:

# LW35
# Which fonts for the "Basic 35 Laserwriter Fonts" do you want to use and
# how are the filenames chosen? Valid settings:
#   URW:     URW fonts with "vendor" filenames (e.g. n019064l.pfb)
#   URWkb:   URW fonts with "berry" filenames (e.g. uhvbo8ac.pfb)
#   ADOBE:   Adobe fonts with "vendor" filenames (e.g. hvnbo___.pfb)
#   ADOBEkb: Adobe fonts with  "berry" filenames (e.g. phvbo8an.pfb)
LW35 URWkb

Does MikTeX provide something similar?


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