[Fontinst] Re: scala sans

Michael Zedler Michael.Zedler at tum.de
Thu Jun 23 12:11:47 CEST 2005

>>>Hi, I try to install (a try-out version of) scala sans, and ran into
>>>the problem that in the expert font the ligature 'ffi' is named

>>How about http://www.ps.uni-sb.de/~kuhlmann/blog/?p=7

> thanks a lot for the hint, but if it is not too time-consuming I like  
> to have (the illusion of) full control. For example, there is no  
> slanted font in the package you mentioned (which I however like to  
> use within math mode); and without the installation file, there is no  
> way kern the font, if necessary.

How about contacting the author for his fontinst script - or do you like 
to reinvent the wheel? ;-)
Math and scala sans - quis, quid? What do you need slanted versions for? 
And which symbol and greek font do you want to use with it???


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