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Stephan Hennig mailing_list at arcor.de
Sun Jun 26 12:46:28 CEST 2005

Lars Hellström schrieb:
> At 00.24 +0200 2005-06-24, Stephan Hennig wrote:

>>(and, e.g., what's the difference between Type-1 and Type-1C).
> The main difference is probably that a Type1 font is Postscript code
> throughout, whereas a CFF (or Type1C, as is the PDF key for this font type)
> is a compact collection of binary tables.
> [...]

Thanks, Lars, I'll learn about that in a book.

> PS: In case you're interested, here is a Type1 font programmed without any
> of the usual "dessing it up as binary data", as an example of how much
> postscript there usually is in there.

I saved that for further investigation. :)

Stephan Hennig

PS: I uploaded a new version of the graphic to
<URL:http://home.arcor.de/stephanhennig/Downloads/r-roadmap.zip>. After
reading a bit in "TeX by topic" it now manages with TeX instead of LaTeX.

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