[Fontinst] Different map file fragments

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Jul 24 17:44:00 CEST 2005


I usually did font installations with two tex files, the second to 
produce the MAP file fragment. Since my TeX has enough capacity I 
united both files like:

	\input fontinst.sty
	%% Here are the the slanted alternates:
	  \transformfont{fcdro8r}{\slantfont{\int{slant}} {\fromafm{fcdr8r}}}
	  \transformfont{fcdro8p}{\slantfont{\int{slant}} {\fromafm{fcdr8p}}}
	 \installfamily{T1} {fcd}{}
	\input finstmsc.sty
	\input inst.recs

A finstmsc.rc file contains

	\adddriver{dvips}  {inst.map}

The result was a MAP file fragment like:

	fcdr8p fcdr8p <fcdr8p.pfb
	fcdr8r fcdr8r <fcdr8r.pfb
	fcdro8p fcdr8p <fcdr8p.pfb " 0.175 SlantFont "
	fcdro8r fcdr8r <fcdr8r.pfb " 0.175 SlantFont "

while with the former method I got:

	fcdr8p Cardo <fcdr8p.pfb
	fcdr8r Cardo <fcdr8r.pfb
	fcdro8p Cardo <fcdr8p.pfb " 0.175 SlantFont "
	fcdro8r Cardo <fcdr8r.pfb " 0.175 SlantFont "

which pleases much more! Adding


after inputting finstmsc.sty to allow fontinst to find the right PS 
font file did not change anything.

How comes the difference? From a bug or from me?



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