[Fontinst] Adjusting kerning information before reglyphing

Stephen Hartke hartke at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 21:42:59 CEST 2005

I'm working on making Arev Sans available for use as a math font in
TeX.  I'm mostly done, and am now working on correcting the horizontal
placement of math accents. This is implemented as a kern between the
character and a skewchar.

Here is what happens in the fontinst file:
1. Afm data is read in and reencoded to a custom encoding.  This
allows access to the glyphs I want (otherwise, many would be past the
256 limit).
2. The font is reglyphed so that names match up with the names oml.etx
is expecting.
3. \installfont is called.

I also have an mtx file that adjusts the kern data to fix the math
accents.  The mtx file was created by a script that pulled the info
from FontForge; this way I can create the kerns visually, which makes
it much faster for me.  The problem is that all of the names are the
original glyph names, and hence I need to apply the adjusted kerning
_before_ I reglyph.  Is there some way to apply an mtx file to another
mtx file without calling installfont? Since this is just a temporary
in-between font used only within the fontinst script, it seems silly
to generate all of the things that go along with installfont.

Thanks for your help!

Stephen Hartke
lastname at gmail period com

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