[Fontinst] Adjusting kerning information before reglyphing

Stephen Hartke hartke at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 19:26:13 CEST 2005


Thanks for your response.  

> \installfont doesn't apply metric files to each other, it just reads them
> in sequence, pretty much as if there was one file which just \inputmtx'ed
> them all in sequence.
Thanks for clarifying this.

> What you should do is to have a second \reglyphfont applied to your kerns
> file. There is no requirement that there has to be glyph definitions in
> files \reglyphfont is applied to, it can be just as well be only kerns.
> \reglyphfont can also be used to filter out data from this file, if there
> is anything there that you don't want.

Unfortunately, this didn't work. My kerns file is not just a list of
\resetkern commands, but contains some macros that compute the proper
kern information based on the numbers pulled from FontForge.  Can
\reglyphfont handle such an mtx file?

I guess I could have my bash script compute the values and generate an
mtx file that purely has just \resetkern commands. However, that means
I have to duplicate some of the functionality of fontinst (reading in
widths, calculating bounding boxes, etc), which seems a waste.

Thanks for any other suggestions you might have,

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