[Fontinst] TTF to Omega Font format

Atif Gulzar AtifG at nu.edu.pk
Fri Aug 5 13:05:35 CEST 2005



I have converted a TTF into Omega font format. I am using PERL utility

I have MikTeX package at windows platform. 


The steps I followed are:


Converte TTF to TFM files using command "ttf2tfm Nafeesweb.ttf
nafeeswebnaskh at unicode@"                 


Generate TFM to PL files.


Genrate OVP using font_install_unicode.pl.


Genrate OVP and OFM using ovp2ovf utility. 


And place all files to their relevant directories. 


Now when I compose a omega file using "nafeeswebnaskh font" it generates DVI
file successfully. 

But when I try to open this DVI in YAP it gives me errors message:



Making PK font:

C:\texmf\miktex\bin\makepk.exe --verbose nafeeswebnaskh00 1440 600 2+240/600

Trying to make PK font "nafeeswebnaskh00" (at 1440 DPI)...

"makemf" --verbose "nafeeswebnaskh00"

"ttf2pk" -q -t "nafeeswebnaskh00"

"ttf2pk" -q -n "nafeeswebnaskh00" 1440

ttf2pk: ERROR: Cannot find tfm file.

makepk: "nafeeswebnaskh00.pk" could not be created.




Would you please help me to solve this problem? 


Thanks and regards,





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