[Fontinst] looking for 8r-mod.etx (cm-lgc package)

Philip A. Viton viton.1 at osu.edu
Fri Sep 9 14:50:21 CEST 2005

I'm trying to re-build the support for the cm-lgc fonts using 
fontinst. But this seems to require an encoding file called 
8r-mod.etx, which isn't part of the cm-lgc package, and I can't find 
it on ctan anywhere.  Can anyone help with this? Maybe it was on ctan 
once, but disappeared? If so, would someone be kind enough to send it to me?


Philip A. Viton
City Planning, Ohio State University
275 West Woodruff Avenue, Columbus OH 43210
viton.1 at osu.edu

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