[Fontinst] fontinstallationguide: building of smallcaps font

Plamen Tanovski pgt at arcor.de
Sun Jul 29 11:48:38 CEST 2012


I've sent this notice years ago to the author of
fontinstallationguide, but at that time the file was already out of
maintenance. So here is the problem described for the record: the
guide builds the smallcaps using t1.etx, i.E.:


This is not completely wrong, but if the font doesn't have all
accented smallcaps needed in T1 (which is almost always the case),
they will be build to rules of lowercase glyphs (llbuild.mtx). And
this will make wrong characters. There is an example file included in
this email (Bembo): the character "dcaron" and "tcaron" for example
show that wrong way. Building the proper accented smallcaps is done by
lsbuild.mtx and this file expects lowercase glyph names ending with
"small". So one need to reglyph the font first (to make all smallcaps
names end with "small") and then use t1c.etx resp. t1cj.etx.

At that point I wonder, why some of the punctuation is also being
renamed in csc2x.tex:


This way this glyphs are practically kicked out of the virtual font.

Maybe we need a command \punct similar to \digit to cover the
different punctuation (whole currency set, exclamation amd question
marks and their down variants, number sign and ampersand) in smallcaps

best regards,
Plamen Tanovski
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