[Fontinst] fontinstallationguide: building of smallcaps font

Lars Hellström Lars.Hellstrom at residenset.net
Tue Jul 31 18:11:47 CEST 2012

I wrote, at 2012-07-30 16.27:
> Plamen Tanovski skrev 2012-07-29 11.48:
>> Hi,
>> Maybe we need a command \punct similar to \digit to cover the
>> different punctuation (whole currency set, exclamation amd question
>> marks and their down variants, number sign and ampersand) in smallcaps
>> fonts?
> Could be one way to go, but would depend on the naming of punctuation to be
> somehow regular; if the suffix to add is sometimes "small" and other times
> "oldstyle" then several \punct macros would be needed. Do you have a ready
> suggestion for such a macro system, or are you just throwing out the idea?
> An alternative could be to equip the ETX files with an option that makes
> them omit these punctuation characters. Then one can leave the specification
> of these for a small seperate ETX file.
> Yet another alternative could be to explicitly \resetglyph{ampersand} etc.
> as needed; I'd guess these glyphs are few enough that it would be the
> easiest solution.

A fourth possibility (which slipped my mind as I was a bit unsure as to 
whether I had actually implemented the necessary machinery or merely figured 
out a way to make it work, but that it turns out I *did* implement and 
*release(!)* with v1.933) is to use multislot.sty to make \setslot a good 
citizen: with this file \input'ed, you're allowed to \setslot the same slot 
multiple times, and only the first will take. No need to hack ETXs ever 
again -- just override those commands you don't want!

Lars Hellström

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