[metapost] Problem with mpost

Kim Philby kmphilby at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 12 22:09:56 CET 2006

>I am running Windows XP (Home) and have installed MikTex 2.5 basic. I would like >use Metapost but when I insert a short test file into Run like say  mpost test.mp all >I see is a quick flash on screen as if mpost has worked but when I look for the file >test.1 I cannot find it anywhere. I have checked that I do have mpost installed with >the Basic and Bin folders present. I would much appreciate some help with this.

I do not think you can "insert a short test file into Run". You should invoke a command line by 'inserting' cmd into 'Run' , navigate to the folder that has your .mp file and then 'mpost test.mp' (no quotes)/

Viewing your mp file will be another adventure.

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