[metapost] format.mp

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Feb 12 09:21:14 CET 2007

Steve MC Han wrote:
> Hi,

> Is there anyone who could interprete and correct this error message?
> The picture comes out O.K., but it keep showing up and bothers me.

The first: the number is too large. Metapost displikes pure numbers
above 4095. Often numbers upto 16383 are ok, but you have to suppress
the warning message explicitly if you want to use such numbers.
As the message says, just start you document with:

	warningcheck := 0;

and the message will go away. Actually, that is *precisely* what
the erro message from metapost said, so you could have just tried
it before emailing.

The second: A 'redundant equation' happens when you write an
equation (with an equals sign) that is already solved. The input
is not really wrong, but you get an error message because it often
means there is a fault in your constructed set of equations.
Here is an example of what it is supposed to catch:

   a = 1; b = a ; b = 1; % b already is 1, thanks to eq(2)

In your case, something is initialized twice over. My guess is your
are loading graph.mp twice.

Best, Taco

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