[metapost] mpx file ended unexpectedly

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Feb 15 10:21:59 CET 2007

Sanjoy Mahajan wrote:
> So I'm confused.  Is it a problem reading mptextmp.mp?  Or mpost getting
> confused between fig.1 (the EPS figure) and fig.1.mp?

It is confused between fig.1.mpx and fig.mpx.

When MP searches for the mpx file, it changes the 'current extension'
into mpx. So your 'fig.1' becomes 'fig.mpx'. I doubt it makes any
sense to attempt to fix this on the executable side, because it is
closely related to the system-dependent code that automatically adds
a '.mp' extension.

Best, Taco

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