[metapost] mptopdf loses characters

Stephan Hennig mailing_list at arcor.de
Mon Feb 26 14:02:47 CET 2007

Hartmut Henkel schrieb:
> On Sat, 24 Feb 2007, Stephan Hennig wrote:
>> However, after converting the file to pdf by mptopdf the
>> information that there were two characters seems to be lost.
>> Neither can I copy both characters from AR7 nor is pdftotext able
>> to extract two characters, but only one.  I would regard this a
>> bug.
> both characters are still in the PDF file, on top of each other, as
> you can verify by pdftk uncompress. So mptopdf does the right thing.
> What then happens, is viewer dependent.

Thanks!  My problem then shifts to how to get the text out of the pdf
file.  A first test shows that converting with pdftops from the xpdf
tools and then extracting the text in GSview works on text characters.
But numbers seem to get lost that route.  Needs some further investigation.

Best regards,
Stephan Hennig

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