[metapost] problem with file database in mp.992

horak.k at chello.cz horak.k at chello.cz
Fri Jan 12 19:11:21 CET 2007

It is:


Sorry for the following misleading sentence: binary was 
taken from zip archive metapost-0.992-windows.zip. Only the 
mem file was generated and moved to the appropriate place. 
(I still did not tested 0.993 version, mea culpa)...

But it was compiled outside of the TeXlive tree and moved 
into the
corresponding directory (and mem file, resp.) after some 
elementary tests.

> The debug info was a big help.
> It looks like a problem with $SELFAUTOPARENT. Where is your mpost.exe
> in relation to c:\TeXlive ? It should be part of the TeXLive tree if
> it needs to find files in c:\TeXlive (if not, you have to change the
> search paths so that they become absolute).
> These are some of the suspicious lines:
>> kdebug:hash_lookup(TEXMF) => 
>> kdebug:hash_lookup(TEXMFVAR) => $SELFAUTOPARENT/texmf-var
>> kdebug:hash_lookup(TEXMFMAIN) => $SELFAUTOPARENT/texmf
>> kdebug:hash_lookup(TEXMFLOCAL) => $SELFAUTOPARENT/texmf-local
>> kdebug:hash_lookup(TEXMFDIST) => $SELFAUTOPARENT/texmf-dist
> Best, Taco

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