[metapost] quadratic bezier paths ?

laurent at math.toronto.edu laurent at math.toronto.edu
Sat May 9 03:34:40 CEST 2009

Dan writes concerning the introduction of "cmyk"

 > I am already finding it hard to update my MP stuff
 > to handle the new color data types with backward
 > compatability. I have to replace every color
 > assignment
 >    A:=B; and every color declaration
 >    color A; and every color test
 >    if color A: with macros that check what color
 > type is needed before running the appropriate
 > command.

Could this agony have been avoided by making "color"
synonymous with "rgbcolor" before introducing
"cmykcolor" (more or less in parallel with

I am not convinced that a new data type typically
should cause agony for anyone --- provided the
introduction is made after due deliberation.

Laurent S.

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