[metapost] verbatimtex... etex after mpost 1.210

Nicola nvitacolonna at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 09:43:09 CEST 2010

In article <4C755AC0.400 at elvenkind.com>,
 Taco Hoekwater <taco at elvenkind.com> wrote:

> > After thinking about it, I would suggest instead that the whitespace *on 
> > the same line* of *every* occurrence of verbatimtex be removed, up to 
> > the first new-line (included) or to the first non-space character (not 
> > included). This should be easier to implement (no need to keep track of 
> > the first verbatimtex) and it treats every verbatimtex-etex block in a 
> > consistent way. What do you think? Can we expect to see this fix in the 
> > next release?
> Assuming there is agreement. It makes sense to me, but ...

In favor of the change, I can only say that the current behaviour breaks 
some files of mine, whereas the proposed change should not have adverse 
effects. On my files :)

Anyway, if you decide to leave things as they are, then the TEX macro 
should be patched to remove an extra space between verbatimtex and what 


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