[metapost] Does MetaPost catch on?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Sep 2 16:25:06 CEST 2010

On 2-9-2010 3:25, Stephan Hennig wrote:
> Am 02.09.2010 15:02, schrieb Stephan Hennig:
>> The typesetting could be achieved without TeX by bundling MetaPost
>> with troff and a nice set of fonts.
>> [...]
>> Hm, a stand-alone MetaPost distribution as outlined above would really
>> need to be able to use system fonts, that is, OTF fonts, the same way
>> XeTeX and LuaTeX do. Taco, Hans, are there any plans into that direction?
> Oh, as troff probably isn't OTF aware, that would require MetaPost to do
> the typesetting by itself. Even if MetaPost learnt to typeset (with
> kerning)
> label("foo" infont <OTF font>, origin);
> for OTF fonts, that probably wouldn't include mathematics. So again, a
> full TeX installation were needed. Too bad.

well, mp is not tex and meant for simple graphics; if you want the 
fullpower of tex (and typesetting) you need to look at other tools or 
follow the reverse approach: use mp inside tex which is what mplib is for


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