[metapost] MPEdit ULcorner of drawing

Lei Willems willemslei at wxs.nl
Fri Oct 14 21:18:25 CEST 2011


I am using MPEdit to make line drawings of polyhedra, especially unfoldings of polyhedra also called nets.
Is there a possibility to control the position of the ULcorner of a drawing? 
When I make a drawing then my ULcorner of this drawing is printed  at approximately at (50mm, -50mm)
of my A4 sheet, if my ULcorner of the A4 sheet is at (0mm,0mm).  So there is an empty space of 5 cm 
at the left and at the top of my sheet of paper.
I can shift this position in gsview.exe but e.g. NOT in yap.exe of Christian Schenk , or with other output devices.
Who is responsible for this:  is it metapost  or some (unknown to me) statement.
Can anyone help me out?
Lei Willems
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