[metapost] Question: [MPLib, MetaFun, ConTeXt, LuaTeX] metapost logging and message primitive?

Colin Fraizer metapost at cfraizer.com
Tue Feb 26 11:02:04 CET 2013

>keep in mind that mp's after that date are somewhat different in the sense
that they have scaled and double mode and that (unless you use the really
latest version) there are bugs

I'm not quite certain what "scaled and double mode" means.

The version of METAPOST (mpost.exe) included with the stand-alone ConTeXt I
downloaded is 1.504.
The version of ConTeXt is:
- ConTeXt Process Management 0.60
- current version: 2013.02.20 14:35

>> 2. I would like to use ConTeXt to generate both my figures and my
>>     document. (Two reasons: I'd prefer a single source file and I would
>>     like to be able to use OpenType fonts in my labels.) 3. When run 
>> within ConTeXt, my document fails to generate the correct
>>     figure.  I suspect this is because of the "extrapass" mechanism,
>>     but it is difficult to tell for sure without being able to see the
>>     METAPOST logging.
>so, do you have a small example showing this problem?

I do not have a small example that shows the problem with my (moderately
METAPOST code when run in ConTeXt. (That is likely my own problem, which I
would debug
if I could see the log. :-)  I do have a small example that shows:

- Blank pages when "tracingonline:=1;" or "loggingall;"

When the following is run with ConTeXt, I get a page with the framed text
and the
subsequent text on the first page and a second page that appears blank.

If one removes the METAPOST "loggingall;", the second page contains a blue
with the appropriate label.

%% ----------------------------------------------------------------------

\framed{Hello world.}
This is a simple_test.

fill fullcircle scaled 1in withcolor blue;
label.top(btex This is a test. etex, origin);

%% ----------------------------------------------------------------------

>is probably faster to get the raw mp code

I tried this.  It is indeed fast, but does not show where my problems are.
I need to see the macro expansions and other stuff to understand why my
does not run.

>> Does anyone know of a way to:
>> 1. make ConTeXt/MPLIB *not* generate blank figures when "loggingall;"
>>     is used; AND/OR
>not without example

See above.

>> 2. make "tracingall;" not take *forever*?
>it all depends on how much expansion goes on; using tracingall only makes
sense for small bits of code

- When I run my code through raw METAPOST with tracingall, it takes less
than one minute to complete successfully.
- When I run my code through ConTeXt with tracingall, it takes over an hour.

I would expect the ConTeXt run to take approximatley 2*n, but not > 60*n.

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