[metapost] mpost: list of all output file names

Peter Zeman andrej.kupecky at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 12:04:17 CEST 2013


2013/9/8 Dan T. Abell <dabell at bikerider.com>:
> Of course that may not be sufficiently general for you ....

Yes, it's not sufficiently general, but I think, that I will make it

> What sort of program are you writing?

I'm writing something like an instant previewer, it will be a desktop
application. The point is that apart from some existing previewers,
you will be able to use whatever text editor you like (it is Vim in my
case). When you modify some ".mp" file, the application will detect it
and show you how the EPS image you are working on looks like (it uses
a python script to create PDF files and then it uses some library to
view the pdf files).

The application can be theoretically extended to any language you
want, for example if you write vector graphics in asymptote, it is no
problem. One just needs to write program, which compiles asymtote and
produces PDF files. There are some special requirements for such
programs. The applications pumps paths to the modified files into the
program and expects paths to PDF files produced by the compilation
program. In case of some compilation error it expects an error
message, which will be displayed.

Well, thats basically it. I think it could be real time saver.

Maybe in a week or two I can send a link. I am open to any suggestions.

Peter Zeman

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