[metapost] Strange behavior of turningnumber

Paul Pichaureau paul.pichaureau at alcandre.net
Thu Sep 19 21:45:24 CEST 2013

Hi (again),

I've to say that I'm very impressed by the progress on metapost. The new
numbersystem feature is a big improvement !

Anyway, in mpost 1.802, I've find this strange behavior of turningnumber:

  z1 = (50,50);
  z2 = (100,50);
  z3= (100,100);
  z4 = (50,100);

  path p,q;
  p =   (z1---z2..z3---z4--cycle); % p counterclockwise

  q = (reverse p);

  show (turningnumber p);
  show (turningnumber q);


The turningnumber of p is 1, but the turningnumber of q is 0

 Paul Pichaureau
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