[metapost] Can't the manpage be more helpful?

Dirk Laurie dirk.laurie at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 10:42:33 CET 2014

The full manpage of `mpost` in the TeXLive distribution starts off thus:

       mpost [options] [commands]

       mpost --dvitomp dvifile[.dvi] [mpxfile[.mpx]]

       MetaPost interprets the MetaPost language and produces PostScript (EPS)
       or Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) pictures.

However, it gives no information whatsoever on "options". Experimentally
one finds that if you just give it "mpost code.mp" it produces files called
"code.1" etc that are in ordinary Postscript (not EPS).

I know it says later on "This manual page is not meant to be exhaustive."
And then directs you to the documentation directory without mentioning
the name or subdirectory of the file you should be reading first.

Surely the manpage, which currently is just over 100 lines long, could:

1. Tell you what to do in order to get EPS or SVG as advertised.
2. Say which file is the starting point when reading the documentation.

without becoming overly bloated?

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