[metapost] Outputtemplate influences %& format comment parsing in verbatimtex

Ben Frank ben.frank at mail.de
Sun Dec 24 18:33:24 CET 2023


On 24.12.23 16:19, luigi scarso wrote:
> as the result of the compilation you should have some *mpx* files in the 
> same folder -- what do they say ?
> --
> luigi

As I mentioned, the major difference is that the mpx file

- of the build with the `outputtemplate` line starts with ` %&latex` 
(note the space) which prevents the %&-line parsing, while the file
- of the build without `outputtemplate` starts with `%&latex`, i.e. 
without the space (which is why it works).

The remaining part of the TeX document is of no concern because it 
properly works (only the first line is relevant to format comment parsing).


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