[tex-k] Re: Bibliography

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns@cl.cam.ac.uk
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 09:16:08 +0000

tex-k is a mailing list about a tex implementation.  it is not an
appropriate mechanism for making basic enquries about latex
facilities; please do not abuse the list.

with a current tetex, the command

  texdoc btxdoc

will give you documentation about bibtex, which is the default
bibliography handler.  other things you ought to read before
bombarding the whole world with trivial questions are

  texdoc lshort
  texdoc grfguide

in general, if you can't find latex-related things in the
documentation, try the usenet group comp.text.tex -- if you don't
ordinarily "do" usenet, try reading the group via deja.com