[tex-k] Re: Bibliography

tim@maths.tcd.ie tim@maths.tcd.ie
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 16:54:30 +0000 (GMT)

> > And to repeat a suggestion I have made before,
> > it seems a pity one cannot modify the xdvi path
> > in the same way as one can TEXINPUTS, etc,
> > so that DVI documentation could come up automatically.
> This could be implemented in the xdvi shell wrapper script that
> for example tetex uses.  It should be a 10 line patch at most I
> imagine. Why don't you hack it and send the patch to me or thomas
> esser?

It definitely would not work if I "hacked" it!
Sebastian Rahtz suggested -- if I understood him correctly --
that texdoc already did what I suggested.

What I would like is that documentation in both my "local" TeX tree
and my "home" TeX tree (following the suggested arrangement in texmf.cnf)
could be viewed in the same way by texdoc .

It just seemed to me odd that xdvi does not use the same 
kpathsea file search mechanism used by TEXINPUTS, TFMFONTS, etc.

This seems to be a minority opinion,
but it seems to me that the TeX world undervalues DVI,
which has considerable advantages, eg speed,
over pdf/acroread or ps/gv.

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