[tex-k] Re: Possible dvips 5.86 bug

Bo Thide' bt@irfu.se
Sun, 17 Dec 2000 07:52:56 +0100 (MET)

Thank you for your e-mail on Sun Dec 17 06:45:12 2000 in which you write:
> > As has been discussed lately on comp.text.tex in connection with the
> > new tx fonts, it is very likely that dvips 5.86 has a bug in its
> > partial font loading mechanism.   With the j option (default in
> > teTeX-1.0), the resulting PS files do not print at all on certain
> > PS printers.
> It has long been known that may not be a bug of dvips,
> but may be due to something imperfect type1 font.
> 5.86d, which uses writet1.c instead of t1part.c,
> can do partial downloading of such type1 fonts with some
> kinds of defects.
> -- 
> Akira Kakuto <kakuto@fuk.kindai.ac.jp>

I just upgraded dvips from 5.86 to 5.86d and see the very same errors
(creating PDF file via dvips + ps2pdf) when I use the tx fonts (release 3).



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