[tex-k] kpsewhich, TEXINPUTS, -expand-var, and -progname

Tom Kacvinsky tjk@ams.org
Sun, 1 Apr 2001 14:53:47 -0400 (EDT)

I am in the process of setting up some shell scripts wherby I customize search
paths by setting the environment TEXINPUTS (I'm using tcsh).  The way I am
customizing TEXINPUTS is by appending `:' to a `:' separated list of paths.  For

    setenv TEXINPUTS /foo//:/bar//:

What I would then like to see is how TEXINPUTS looks when latex, tex, pdftex,
et. al. are invoked.  I am trying to do this by using kpsewhich:

   kpsewhich -progname=tex -expand-var='$TEXINPUTS'
   kpsewhich -progname=latex -expand-var='$TEXINPUTS'


The output I get is simply this:


What I would expect to see (because of the trailing `:') is this:

  /foo//:/bar//:<contents of TEXINPUTS.latex, TEXINPUTS.tex, etc...>

Where the stuff in <...> depends on which program name is supplied with the
-progname switch.

Is this a bug in kpsewhich, or is kpsewhich acting as intended?