[tex-k] xdvi: use BROWSER variable instead of/in addition to WWWBROWSER?

Julian Gilbey J.D.Gilbey@qmul.ac.uk
Sun, 16 Dec 2001 00:43:10 +0000

Eric Raymond has proposed a standard for a BROWSER variable, see
Here is the key part:

  The value of BROWSER may consist of a colon-separated series of
  browser command parts. These should be tried in order until one
  succeeds. Each command part may optionally contain the string "%s"; if
  it does, the URL to be viewed is substituted there. If a command part
  does not contain %s, the browser is to be launched as if the URL had
  been supplied as its first argument. The string %% must be substituted
  as a single %.
  Rationale: We need to be able to specify multiple browser commands so
  programs obeying this convention can do the right thing in either X or
  console environments, trying X first. Specifying multiple commands may
  also be useful for people who share files like .profile across
  multiple systems. We need %s because some popular browsers have
  remote-invocation syntax that requires it. Unless %% reduces to %, it
  won't be possible to have a literal %s in the string.
  For example, on most Linux systems a good thing to do would be:
  BROWSER='mozilla -raise -remote "openURL(%s,new-window)":links'

Would it be feasible to implement this for xdvi?  At the moment, the
WWWBROWSER variable is not very clearly documented.  Maybe use BROWSER
with this syntax if it is defined, otherwise fall back to WWWBROWSER.



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