[tex-k] dvips premature end of file in binary section

Stefano Frabetti stefano@sif.it
Thu, 01 Feb 2001 11:10:59 +0100


we've had trouble with the adobe-photoshop--eps inclusion problem.
I don't know if it is a solved problem (apart from -K):  I didn't
get much help from web searches.

Anyway, we understand it (and solve it) this way:

1.  it's a problem with %%BeginBinary/CRLF:  photoshop saves the
    binary length counting 2 bytes per end-of-line;  somewhere (perhaps
    while moving files between shared resources) the EOL are converted
    from dos to unix, CRLF->LF.  Of course, the %%BeginBinary comment
    is not updated to reflect the change and dvips finds that he lacks

2.  as a workaround, we now convert the eols back to dos in the figures
    that crash, so that the binary length in the comment matches the actual
    length.  We didn't want to use -K and this works pretty well

---as a side note, I personally find it awkward to count 2 bytes for eol
in a *text* file, even for an ms-dos application.

Stefano Frabetti

ps. i'm not subscribed, please keep the cc: if you want me to read.  Ciao.