[tex-k] Portable PS and PDF files

Jerome BENOIT JGMBenoit@wanadoo.fr
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 15:49:14 +0100

Gernot Salzer wrote:
> Hi,
> what is the right way to produce portable and resolution independent
> PS and PDF files from TeX that can be both viewed and printed on many/all
> platforms?

I guess that `pdf[la]tex' using `pfb' font files distributed
by AMS and Bluesky (freely available on CTAN) is a good start:
nevertheless one must write a correct `pdffonts.map'
and use correct options inside [la]tex source or write correct `cfg'
(particularly when using ams package).

> I tried to use the TT1 verions of CM as well as pdflatex,
> but some people still have problems viewing them with acrobat or
> printing them. Sometimes tiny 700kB pdf files explode to 60MB
> ps file when printed from acrobat.
> Thanks for any hints, e.g. for a pointer to the correct place
> where to ask
>   Gernot
> Details:
> * tetex-1.0.
> * PS files with TT1 fonts are produces with
>    dvips -Ppdf
> The output shows no more occurrences of the string "Bitmap",
> so I think dvips finds the correct fonts.
> * To obtain PDF files, I tried two methods:
> - dvips -Ppdf; ps2pdf
> - pdflatex
> Especially the latter tend to explode when printed from
> acrobat to PS.
> <grumbling>
> >From my own experience and from talking with colleagues I've got
> the impression that PDF is very much like Java: designed to be
> portable and platform independent, but in practice everything
> else than that. I really would appreciate if someone could prove
> me wrong.
> </grumbling>
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