[tex-k] Missing Manual Pages for Debian (Bug #39464)

C.M. Connelly C.M. Connelly" <c+tetex@eskimo.com
Wed, 03 Jan 2001 14:16:49 -0800

Happy New Year!

At long last, I want to let you know that a new batch of the
manual pages missing from Debian is now available.  As a reminder,
here is a list of the manual pages included in this distribution:

e2pall.1       mkfontdesc.8  outocp.1       texexec.1  
fmtutil.8      mkindex.1     ovf2ovp.1      texi2pdf.1 
fmtutil.cnf.5  mkocp.1       ovp2ovf.1      texlinks.8 
fontinst.1     mkofm.1       pslatex.1      texshow.1  
kpsepath.1     ofm2opl.1     rubibtex.1     texutil.1  
kpsetool.1     opl2ofm.1     rumakeindex.1  thumbpdf.1 
kpsexpand.1    otp2ocp.1     texdoc.1       ttf2afm.1  

Links to HTML versions (for quick review) are available from
<http://www.eskimo.com/~c/debian/tetex-manpages/>.  You can also
download tar files containing the Yodl or *roff format files (I
wrote the pages using Yodl, then converted them to HTML and *roff

Major changes to the sources include

  * Moving from appearance-based to structural markup (via new
    Yodl macros) 

  * Addition of information about authorship and bug-reporting
    from responses to the initial release

  * Creation of a Makefile to simplify production of troff and
    HTML manual pages

  * Major rewrites of the ConTeXt manpages, based on drafts from
    Tobius Burnus <burnus@gmx.de>

  * New manpage for fmtutil.cnf.5

I believe that these manual pages are ready for inclusion in
Debian or in the upstream teTeX sources (as well as ConTeXt,
Omega, and other ``components'' of teTeX).  Please take a look at
them and let me know about any showstoppers.  Once everyone's
happy, let's get 'em into the distribution!


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