[tex-k] Re: TEXXET and Omega in xdvik and xdvi

Paul Vojta vojta@math.berkeley.edu
Fri, 27 Jul 2001 16:05:22 -0700 (PDT)

> Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 13:14:37 +0200
> From: janl@linpro.no
> To: tex-k@mail.tug.org
> Subject: TEXXET and Omega in xdvik and xdvi
> Hi,
> Is there any reason to _not_ enable Omega by default in xdvik?  From
> what I can see in the xdvik sources Omega uses a strict superset of
> TeX's dvi format?  Also, if anyone that understands and uses Omega
> feels like it, it would be good to have such a someone on the xdvik
> team (https://sourceforge.net/projects/xdvi/) to make sure we don't
> break Omega in any way...

I agree with Sebastian's suggestion that xdvi detect an incoming odvi
and handle it automatically.

Unfortunately, I don't know much about Omega to know what's different.

> Similarly the TEXXET functionality in xdvi and xdvik also seems like a
> strict superset of regular dvi files.  Is this correct?  Is there then
> any reason to not enable TEXXET by default?  Or is TEXXET a historical
> relic?

Yes, TEXXET is a strict superset.  I don't know how often it is used,
though.  The reason I put in #ifdefs was for performance reasons, which
can probably be ignored now that processors are much faster.

> In the end I'm looking to eliminate half a ton of #ifdefs that clutter
> up the xdvi(k) source code and makes it harder to read and debug.  If
> both the Omega and TEXXET code works quite well this would help a lot
> since they both touch core parts of xdvi.
> Paul, would you accept a patch to remove any differences between xdvi
> and xdvi with TEXXET enabled?

Yes, although I'd like to know how much TEXXET is actually used.
Could it be rearranged to be a subset of Omega?