[tex-k] Argh! mktextfm --destdir

Han-Wen Nienhuys hanwen@cs.uu.nl
Sun, 4 Mar 2001 02:02:28 +0100

mktextfm --destdir does not work as advertised;

	 blauw:~/usr/src/lilypond$ set|grep MF

	 blauw:~/usr/src/lilypond$ kpsewhich feta20.mf

	 blauw:~/usr/src/lilypond$ rm feta20.tfm
	 blauw:~/usr/src/lilypond$ mktextfm \
	 --destdir=/tmp  feta20

	 [lots of mumbo-jumbo]

	 mktextfm: /home/hanwen/usr/src/lilypond/feta20.tfm:
	 successfully generated.

apparently mktexnam thinks it is in the position to override my
--destdir direction; I consider that a bug.

This is  on redhat 7.0, tetex-1.0.7-7


I just spent more than 1 hour trying to figure out how to override the
TFM output directory for a kpathsea application.  This system is a
complete mess of overcooked-spaghetti code. I was wondering: are there
any plans or projects of rewriting this card-house of shell-scripts?



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