[tex-k] hyperref and dvips

Jun Pan yausan98@yahoo.com
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 02:53:11 -0500


I am trying to put links in my latex files using \url, or \href.  If
I pdflatex the file,  I can create the link with no problem.  But if I
latex and then dvips the file,  there is no link ability in the ps
file.  Well, that is fine, as I wasn't expecting the link to work in gv
(or should I expect it to work?)  By the way, if I do xdvi, the link
actually works.  Anyway,  if I use acrobat distiller to convert the ps
file back to pdf file, the link still doesn't work.   Do you know what I
am doing wrong?   I really would like the link to work after converting
back to the pdf file.