[tex-k] dvips special.pro hack to improve frame graphics

Tomas G. Rokicki rokicki@CS.Stanford.EDU
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 08:14:00 -0800 (PST)

Based on a discussion with John Bartelt, I've discovered a small
hack to special.lpro which will solve many (if not most) of the
problems people have with Frame graphics (which are *not* EPSF
and Adobe does not claim that they are EPSF and so on and so forth).

The hack is straightforward.  In the two places where we override
some of the basic PostScript primitives to kill off the page device
operators (you can find these by looking for /erasepage), add

   /setpagedevice { pop } N

so we kill off setpagedevice too in the context of a graphics

This is probably a good idea, a no-brainer.  What do you guys
think?  Any dangers here I'm neglecting?  I wonder what the
current PostScript redbook says about this . . .