[tex-k] tfmload.c in dvips and xdvi

janl@linpro.no janl@linpro.no
Tue, 15 May 2001 18:47:32 +0200

"Tomas G. Rokicki" <rokicki@CS.Stanford.EDU> tastet:
> Hmm, my version of tfmload.c has chardat defined as
>    halfword chardat[]
> which is 0..65535 (unsigned short) . . .

It is filled with 8 bit data from the tfm file... But the 256 value is
used as "uninitialized", I had changed the 256 initialization to 0xFF
probably on the urging of some compiler without catching the semantic
situation of that in this later code.  How silly of me.

> How do you have chardat as unsigned char?

In my head halfword is 8 bits.  I learned C and Assembly on Z80 and
8086 :-)