[tex-k] cm-super fails

Olaf Weber olaf@infovore.xs4all.nl
01 Nov 2001 22:34:38 +0100

Thomas Esser writes:

>> Thanks for the feedback, Tom and Tom.  Lots of Toms involved here.
>> Let's try then this weekend, Saturday, 8 AM PST (PST is GMT-8)
>> (MET is GMT+1) so 8 AM PST is 5 PM MET (that's why I picked it;
>> early morning here and early evening there).

> Thanks for the info.

>> AIM is really easy; just go to 
>> http://www.aol.com/aim/homenew.adp

> Ok, I just have created an account: EsserThm.

FWIW, I've also just created an account: ojmweber.

> Later today, I'll let you know if "Saturday, 5 PM MET" is ok (bit I
> think it is).

Saturday would work for me.  (Assuming you'd want me to be there at
all, of course.)

In general, I've got some flex in my working hours, so can cope with
weekdays as well, except that there's a fair chance of bumping into
prior commitments...

Olaf Weber

Do not meddle in the affairs of sysadmins,
        for they are quick to anger and have no need for subtlety.