Code repositories, was: Re: [tex-k] cm-super fails

Stefan Ulrich
Mon, 5 Nov 2001 20:23:12 +0100

Tomas G Rokicki <rokicki@CS.Stanford.EDU> writes:

> We've been having our discussion so far in the Wiki at

> so feel free to chime in!

I didn't dare editing your discussion directly with the Wiki
interface, with which I have no experience at all ;-)
but I had a question on the use of Perforce (it seems that
TeXlive already uses it, even though from looking at I didn't really
understand how this works)

This question might sound lame or silly, but it's a real concern
to me: Perforce is proprietary software, isn't it? So isn't it
somewhat dangerous to use it for revision control of a long-lived
system - what if they discontinue their product, or go out of

Another remark I wanted to make: The integration problem of the
different packages is similar in xdvik, where we currently copy
all libraries needed for compilation and linking (kpathsea etc.)
and check them into our revision control (which is on
sourceforge).  There's probably quite some duplication of effort
there. When we had this thread `sourceforge for texk?' last June
(see e.g.
I thought the idea was to have one central repository for it
all. However, it seems that the current hosting of TeXlive on
Perforce doesn't really address this issue ...?

Best regards
Stefan Ulrich