Code repositories, was: Re: [tex-k] cm-super fails

Tomas G. Rokicki rokicki@CS.Stanford.EDU
Mon, 5 Nov 2001 12:56:03 -0800 (PST)

Here's Fabrice's recent comments from the Twiki, added to the mailing
list because I'm deprecating the Twiki.

Fabrice: Sorry to be late in the discussion. My opinion is that we need
a central repository, and not several ones as it is the case now. I
tried to convert John Plaice during EuroTeX?, we will see if he still
agree to rally the TeXLive repository. I think most of the problems
raised up to now could be solved by the branching approach that we do
not use for the moment. We could setup separate branches even for
separate parts of the depot. Maybe that's a bit more difficult to
manage but I'm pretty sure that being able to grab / upload things
asynchronously is a big plus for such a project. The trick is that we
need guidelines about branches and their intended meaning. We might
also benefit from an enhanced web site for the project, in fact my
opinion is that in this respect, the xemacs guys are doing a good job
and that we could take some of their ideas.