[tex-k] Twiki is broken; sorry . . . let's use tex-k list if that's okay.

Thomas Esser te@informatik.uni-hannover.de
Mon, 5 Nov 2001 22:36:56 +0100

> I'm so so sorry.  I've searched the entire tree, the access files, everything.
> It's gone.  It's inexcusable for me to have put this thing up without more
> experience with it.  It's not in my browser history.  I've searched the
> InternetExplorer temporary files, it's not there.

Hey, such things can happen! It is not your fault.

Just a guess: could the reason be that the same file has been checked out
several times *by the same account* (guest)?

I have no more time now (need to go to bed), and some of my points have
already been repeated e.g. by Olaf. I'll look at this discussion again