Code repositories, was: Re: [tex-k] cm-super fails
Tue, 6 Nov 2001 11:52:32 +0000

Stefan Ulrich writes:
 > p4 sync //depot/Build/source.development/teTeX-1.0/texk/xdvik/...
 > and got:
 > //depot/Build/source.development/teTeX-1.0/texk/xdvik/... - file(s) up-to-date.
who said the directory was called teTeX-1.0? its

 p4 sync //depot/Build/source.development/TeX/texk/xdvik/...

 > What seems to be missing is a stepwise guide for newbies on how
 > to check out the sources ;-) Compare this e.g. with
sure. this is the first time I have had to consider the issue...

 > Are the change logs, diffs etc. available on the Web?
 > (E.g. something like viewcvs on

not per se. you use perforce commands

 > It also seems that there's no integration into my editor as with
 > CVS (Emacs), so at the moment there seems to be no GUI available
 > at all (on *nix) ...?

you can use the excellent "p4" package for emacs.