[tex-k] Twiki is broken; sorry . . . let's use tex-k list if that's okay.

Karl Berry karl@freefriends.org
Wed, 7 Nov 2001 09:20:41 -0500

    It is nice to
      ac_include ../make/paths.mk
      ac_include ../make/common.mk
      ac_include ../make/programs.mk
    in Makefile.in and get lots of things automatically right, but I don't
    think that this is really necessary.

Ok, then it's probably doable to have the same source tree.

Anyway, the thing is, even in this discussion right here (let alone
everything that came up in the past), I hear several groups, all with
valid points:

- include kpathsea source in driver distributions.
- make kpathsea a shared library (with a small and stable interface), so
  drivers don't have to include kpathsea source.
- make each driver package work separately, for people who don't want
- make all driver packages available together, for people who do want

In other words, as usual, everybody wants everything :), and the hard
thing is to choose what to do first :).