[tex-k] Static vs. shared libkpathsea [was: Twiki is broken; sorry ...]

Olaf Weber olaf@infovore.xs4all.nl
08 Nov 2001 19:14:45 +0100

Tom Kacvinsky writes:
> On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Martin Schröder wrote:
>> On 2001-11-06 08:31:47 -0800, Tomas G. Rokicki wrote:

>>> Personally, I still prefer an integrated source to separate driver
>>> development.  Now these are not mutually exclusive, of course, but

>> Maybe I missed something, but wouldn't it be easier if kpathsea
>> would be a shared library instead of statically included code?

> Use libtool instead of klibtool, and I wouldn't mind.  The problem is that
> klibtool always builds statically linked libraries on some platforms. :(

Moving from klibtool to libtool is in the cards.  However, I'd also
like to clean up the interface of libkpathsea a bit, as I'm not
convinced it is currently ideal for a shared library.

Olaf Weber

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