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Olaf Weber olaf@infovore.xs4all.nl
09 Nov 2001 21:51:17 +0100

Tomas G Rokicki writes:

> I agree, Olaf, which is why I said we can pull tarballs and periodically
> sync.  To do your style of development with p4, you just pull a recent
> tree out while online at some point in time.  Then you do anything you
> want with that tree, offline.  At some point you decide to commit your
> changes; you just connect again and do a p4 diff to find the changes and
> build a changelist and submit your changes.  The nice thing about this
> is you have all of the p4 structure to support your changes, and you
> can carefully group the changes into nice bug fixes, etc.

> Essentially, you can use p4 like one would use cvs (where you can
> do virtually everything offline).

> Heck, you can even get a patch file for your tarball pretty easily
> (give me all the changes in the last month, as a patch file) rather
> than pulling a new tarball.

> I've done a tremendous amount of offline work this way with both
> cvs and perforce and it works just fine.  You still need to do the
> resolution of conflicting changes, but this is true in any case.

Actually, what I currently have is

- My CVS repository, where I do the development work.
- A p4 sync'ed copy of the source.development tree, which I use to
  keep track of changes made by others in the kpathsea and web2c

What I'd probably prefer to do is work on a new version in my
repository, doing piecemeal updates and such, and then on release
copying stuff to the other tree and doing a "bulk update".  At the
point where I'd do a bulk update my expectation is that basically, my
versions should override whatever is in the repository.  I haven't
worked out the exact p4 incantations for that yet, though.

Olaf Weber

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