[tex-k] Merging sources is hard

Olaf Weber olaf@infovore.xs4all.nl
10 Nov 2001 22:37:09 +0100

sebastian rahtz writes:
> Olaf Weber writes:

>> FYI, the source.develpment perforce source tree contains a merge of
>> web2c 7.3.4 and omega 1.23.  However, the Omega people made many
>> changes to the web2c stuff to get things to compile with a C++
>> compiler, and it seems that the merge of these has resulted in many
>> 7.3.4-specific bits being lost.  I'm working on a "correct" merge, and
>> will make these sources available as soon as I can.

> right. what you see in source.development is my unfinished merge. I
> had been meaning to tell you that.... if you can clean up the
> resulting mess, it will be great!

7.3.5 is my attempt at cleaning up the mess (I'm using new version
numbers to have a sporting chance of tracking what goes where).  It
compiles, but certainly for Omega I resfuse to give any additional

There are changes in the omega, pdftex, and etex sources to deal with
the changes to the web2c.

> I know that today we are in a mess, but I think a little more work
> should see web2c 7.3.4, TeXLive, teTeX, and the Omega source tree all
> is an identical state. This will be REALLY GOOD!!! 

> sebastian

Olaf Weber

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