[tex-k] dvips can not find gbsongXX installed with CJK 4.2.0

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard@kammer.uni-hannover.de
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 20:42:10 +0100

>>>>> "Marty" == Marty  <cogIIm@netscape.net> writes:

    > This has got to be a rudimentary question.  I plugged a CJK
    > 4.2.0 rpm pack in TeX(Web2C 7.3.1). When I processed a .tex
    > containing GB Chinese, the LaTeX command could generate a
    > .dvi. However, dvips could NOT find the corresponding Chinese
    > fonts, mktexpk failed to produce one too, not surprisingly.

    > But I could see there are gbsongXX.tfms lying in
    > $TEXMF/fonts/tfm/chinese/gbsong/. I could also see there were
    > gbsongXXs, which matched those in the above dir, in the
    > generated .dvi.

AFAIK there are no mf sources for cjk fonts.  There are bitmaps (.pk)
and tfms only and they are available in certain resolutions.

If this is true (you shold check this first) you don't need mktexpk.
But you must make sure the pk files are found by dvips.


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