[tex-k] Swapping mf and mfw

Olaf Weber olaf@infovore.xs4all.nl
25 Nov 2001 21:34:30 +0100

Julian Gilbey writes:

> Incidentally, on this theme:

>   mf(1) doesn't appear to refer to mfw

Easily fixed...

> and

>   the tbl table in mf(1) doesn't format; the error message is:

> /usr/bin/tbl:/tmp/zman73chih:147: `.' not last character on line
> /usr/bin/tbl:/tmp/zman73chih:147: giving up on this table

> Not being a tbl programmer, I don't quite know what this means...

I'm not quite certain how to fix this either.  As I recall, it is an
old problem.

Olaf Weber

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