[tex-k] dvips map file reset

Thomas Esser te@informatik.uni-hannover.de
Thu, 29 Nov 2001 17:25:33 +0100


I thought that if I have some "p some.map" line in a config file, then
dvips "forgets" all map entries and starts over again with the lines
from some.map. This does not work when map files have been loaded via
"p +" before.

  echo 'p /dev/null' > config.a; echo 'p +foo.map' >> config.a
  echo 'p /dev/null' > config.b
  echo 'p foo.map' > config.c
  echo 'cmr10 CMR10 <cmr10.pfb' > foo.map
  (echo '\relax'; echo 'hi\end') | tex
  dvips -Pa -Pb texput -o texput1.ps
  dvips -Pc -Pb texput -o texput2.ps

So, even though in both cases, cmr10 should be loaded as bitmap (because
config.b should clear all map entries), this only works for texput2.ps
and not for texput1.ps (I am using dvips(k) 5.86e, as it can be checked
out from the perforce tree). In texput1.ps cmr10 is loaded as type1 font
which is wrong in my opinion.

Any ideas?